Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Dream Of Oklahoma "LGBT" 4-20-2012

2/29/2012 -- TORNADO alerts/watch -- OH, WV, KY, TN, MS, AL, SC, NC, VA,...

Russia's Vladimir Putin Speaks "New World Order" Plan EU

Blind Side: Iraq & Syria wars similarities un-covered

TORNADO'S Kill 4 Alabama and 7 States Fear More Storms

La Salette: "Enoch And Elijah Return", part 7

2/29/2012 -- Richmond VA -- Washington DC = 'Force field' repelling or w...

Has Israel Already Destroyed Iran's Nuclear Program...At Least Temporarily?


Syria Crops Now Sheltered in Arctic Doomsday Vaul (February 28, 2012) Fr...

A Burdensome Stone

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2/28/2012 -- Earthquakes in Illinois -- New Madrid Seismic Zone plus qui...

Israel wouldn't warn US on Iran strike (February 28, 2012) Free To Share

News on The 700 Club: February 28, 2012 -

Israel Won't Tell America If They Attack Iran...

'Pentagon knows China will be America's greatest enemy starting in 2017'

Disease "The Silence Of Lambs"

Horses Are Dying In Tennessee! Hosea Prophecy!

Anyone's a Terrorist: Fear-mongering machine takes over US

March 4th Russian Elections Could be a Trigger for Obama's Launch for Th...


Danger on Doorstep: Israel's Iran hysteria fogs real foes

Friday, February 24, 2012

Damascus is Waxed Feeble

News on The 700 Club: February 24, 2012 -

EU To Freeze Syrian Central Bank Feb 27

The People and the Land - Prophecy Today Video Update

Prophecy of the last pope is upon us 2012

$109 Oil and Rising! Working Out With Friends! The Hunger Games!

Iran Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "Syria Assad Regime" Will Not Fall

Muslims Clash With Israeli Police On Temple Mount!!

2/24/2012 -- Censored earthquake - Midwest to Southeast USA shakes - Wip...

" Letter to Obama" - ,, the old marine,,=2-24-2012.flv

Friends of Syria? Peaceful resolution vs intervention

Syrian regime accused targeting children, crimes against humanity by UN ...


The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom : UN to Vote February 27th (February...

Ww3 Update : An All Out Thermonuclear War By The End of March 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

US, France, UK, Turkey, Italy prepare for military intervention in Syria...

Firestorm Forecast: 'Syria can set region ablaze'

Murder Of 9 Year Old Girl Forced To Run Death

Eastern Block: Iran oil fuels Tiger's appetite

US & N. Korea Meet On Nuke Talks / Perry Stone Agrees With Begley on RFI...

Megauproar: 'ACTA targets & harms legal users'

Bank Resignations Across the World ... Rats fleeing the ship?


FRS Military Aircraft Training or Patrols? Near Dubia Saudi Arabia (Febr...

Government Spy Programme To Monitor Every Phone Call, Text and Online Ac...

United States Army Intelligence and Security Command, Trojan Satellite I...

Baltic Dry Collapses! Jobless Disability Claims Soar To Record!

6 Dollars A Gallon For Gas In Florida? Are You Serious?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Israel may attack Iranian ships if they return to Mediterranean (Februar...

Eight Children Tied To Bed In Texas!! No One Arrested?

Iran 6 Weeks From Nuclear Weapons? Gog And Magog?

Israel, Iran and My Thoughts on Current Events : What Is coming The Four...

Iran "Hides Nukes" From UN / Mars Quakes/ SunTornadoes?

Arming Al-Qaeda: US to pump weapons into Syria warzone?

Petrol Panic: UK tanks hit by Iran oil ban backfire

A Star To Guide Me! Signs All Around Me!

Egypt's Struggling Christians Seek Divine Intervention -

DAILY REPORT- 2-21-2012 001.MP4

Cop tasers handcuffed girl and now she is braindead!

Israel Builds Fence Along Sinai Border

Quran-burning at US base fans flames of Afghan fury (February 21, 2012)

Iran says UN nuke inspectors will not visit sites (February 21, 2012)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

News on The 700 Club: February 21, 2012 -

Iran Says "It Will Not Wait" War Middle East Bible Prophecy

Domino Effect

Obama ,,the old marine says '' GAME -OVER'' - YouTube.flv

Strike Apart: Israel & US clash over Iran attack

NutraSweet Company Brags About The Second Coming Of Aspartame: Now More ...

Artificial hamburger Meat Successfully Grown In Vat Of Bovine Fetal Cell...

(Scotland) Most radioactive particle found on beach near Dounreay (Febru...

Report: Russia's Oil Fields Are In Decline; Will They Attack Israel Over...

Red Cross: Syrian cease-fire needed to deliver aid (February 20, 2012)

American Death Rattle

Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Bible Prophecy coming True?

TSA Agents Force Woman To Go Through Naked Body Scanner 3 Times Cause Of...

U.S. Air Force Patrols Off Iceland (February 20, 2012)

Oil Hits $105, UN Cuts Oil To UK & France, Walking Dead Scenario

Israel / Iran Update (2.20.12)

$5.00 Gasoline By Spring?

Breaking News: 5 Salvations Last Night On "Live" Show!

South Korea Military Drills Despite Threat From North Korea!

Blood Red River Now In Memphis Tennessee!!


'Ron Paul right, US deep into fascism'

What's My Debt, Dad? 'Greece left to beg for pocket money'

Ron Paul Arrest Of American Citizens By The US Military & Held Indefinit...

(Japan) Woman who does not give up the fight against a new nuclear power...

SCOOP : On Internet Service For March 8th Shutdown : Thank You to J7409 ...

Nuclear Waste Dumping In The Worlds Oceans : No Sound : 007bratsche

Nuclear Inspectors to Return to Iran for More Checks : Is It Too Little ...

Update : No Fly Zone : Minnesota, North Dakota, Washington DC, Louisiana...

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jack Van Impe (2.19.12)

Prophecy Update: Will Israel Attack Iran?: Psalm 83 War, Battle of Gog &...

Low Vibes Stink and Digital Slander Laws

New Data on RFID Mass Chipping Of Americans By 2013 - YouTube.flv

Living In The End Times

Beirut River Still Running Red! Micro Chip Causes Concern

Baghdad Airport Closed and Others. International Phone calls Restricted?...

'If Israel bombs Iran, Arab states will support Tehran'

US Media lying To Promote WW3 - Israel Partners With US In World Wide Te...

Friday, February 17, 2012

666 Micro Chip Implant Coming March 23, 2013

News on The 700 Club: February 17, 2012 -

The U.S. Government to Broke to Send IRS Tax Refunds to Hundreds of Thou...

250 Border Agents Guarding Washington DC Border Collection Over Time : N...

Soldiers "Beat Weapons Into Plows" Bible Prophecy!

Did NY Times Anthony Shadid Die From Nerve Gas Anthrax In Syria?

Woman Gets Legionnaire Disease From Dentist Office.

"Dystonia Doesn't Respect Anything" - Art Kessler and Fiona Ross

Whitney Houston, Barack Obama and the Catholic Church

Backdoor Rebels: 'Iran & Co. send message of defiance to US'

Amerika : Land of The Snitch : Alex Jones Channel Please Subscribe

U.S. School Children Now Subjected To Lunch Searches By Government Agent...

The Goals of Islam with Avi Lipkin

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beirut Lebanon River Turns "Blood Red" War Prophecy?

Israel "The Zechariah Prophecy" Apocalypse Is Near...

News on The 700 Club: February 16, 2012 -

E-Cigarette Explosion Warning : Man Loses Teeth and Part Of Tongue ( Fe...

Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente on year's top trends

Thailand: Iran Planned To Attack Israeli Diplomats

Gay Marriage Washington State, New Jersey & Maryland Next?

(Japan) Fukushima Unit 4 Smoking : Free To Share

Iran threatens to cut off fuel exports to EU My Edited Video

Greece 'first domino' in end of financial sovereignty? McGrath on RT

Israel Worried Syria May Start War To Prevent Assad Overthrow; 12 EU Nat...

NDAA First Step Privatize All Prisons : CCA Ties To NAZI, Koch Brothers,...


Monday, February 13, 2012

Syria ignores Arab peace plan, pounds Homs : Peacekeepers May Be Sent In...

President Obama won, the Constitution lost

Israel Accused Iran and Lebanese ally Hezbollah of Being Behind Twin Bom...

DAILY REPORT : 2-13-2012 "REMEMBER' : The Old Marine

2/13/2012 -- 5.6 magnitude earthquake in north california -- dormant vol...

Syrian Government Bombs Homs After Arab Peace Proposal

Hawk Talk: US 'wants peace', prepares for war in Syria

Cyclone Giovanna Bigger Than Katrina Is Coming...

2/13/2012 -- FOUR DIFFERENT dormant volcanic earthquake swarms -- Southw...