Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time of the End Timeline Study - Part 7

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Time of the End Timeline Study - Part 6

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

TO: Ms. Sarah Palin. 7 things(ideas) to KEEP Social Security/Mediacre AFLOAT

Dear Ms. Palin,

Do YOU want to KEEP Social Security/Medicare afloat?? I sure hope you do. I have some suggestions you just might consider:

1. Starting on January 1(in whatever year gan be agreed upon) ALL elected officials and RETIRED elected officials MUST be on the SS system like the rest of Americans. AND YES I MEAN the President of the US(current and former Presidents still living)
2. The amount that elected officials pay into the fund MUST be the SAME percentage that ALL workers pay. AND Their TOTAL income amount MUST INCLUDE all the PERKS not just the paycheck. Do you realize just HOW MUCH $$$ that would PUMP into the system?? Now I am SURE the left would HATE this idea. But I see it as FAIR.
3. Again on that same Jan 1, ALL retired elected officials would be REQUIRED to pay a ONE TIME lump sum for back years. Make it based on a percentage of their income. Some retirees would pay MORE and others LESS due to the percentage but the percentage MUST be the SAME for ALL.
4. If elected officials would have been REQUIRED to put into SS and RETIRE on SS just like the rest of Americans, I believe that at the VERY LEAST the financial trouble with Social Security would be a LOT less and MAYBE we would NOT even be talking about it being BROKE in the first place
5. WHY are elected oficials NOT even required to PAY into SS in the FIRST place?
6. FINALLY there should be NO limit on what retirees EARN in addition to their SS benefits. So in other words, many of you who earn royalties on books, other investments etc would NOT get \'dinged\' on your SS monthly retirement checks
7. HERE is what I am FINALLY getting to. IN accordance to suggestion 6, I am a 52 year old on disability and get monthly SSD checks. So to make #6 FAIR to ALL, DROP the earned income LIMIT on ALL retirees as well as people on Social Security Disability. MOST Disabled people CANNOT work in a traditional \'work environment\' but they MIGHT be able to help SUPPLEMENT their SMALL SSD checks by doing a little bit from home. THESE imcome LIMIT rules MUST be changed. In these ROUGH ECONOMIC times, ALL PEOPLE on a fixed income MUST BE ALLOWED to EARN SOMETHING in addition to their monthly checks WITHOUT the FEAR of being CUT OFF from regular monthly checks. Ms. Palin, If you EVEN see this, I will say THIS, that if you CONSIDER the plight of ALL retirees and ALL the disabled then YOU and those who you SUPPORT who are running for public office WILL WIN. THANK YOU.


Karl F. Rose

US Debt into Crisis according to Bible Prphecy

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

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The flag, why the U.S.A. respect

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